Z is for...

Ze coolest letter in the alphabet.

Ze correct pronunciation is Zed although a childhood of watching American T.V. makes me call it Zee in my mind. (Also, medic you know when you sing the entire alphabet song in your head to figure out what comes first: v or w, capsule that Zee rhymes with Vee everytime and kind of reinforces the other pronunciation).

Ze secret language the Mister and I have where all things start with Z including Moira’s sometimes nickname Zoyra.

Zonkey! (Seriously, how cute is that! It’s like a little emo donkey).

Zira: From the Planet of the Apes. After reading the book years ago  I thought it would be cool to name my daughter after her, but reconsidered because all those campy Planet of the Apes movies made me realize no little girl would appreciate being named after a chimpanzee.

Ze end of this meme! (Finally! Time for something completely different – although I don’t know what yet.)

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