Yogurt making

For years I have wanted to make my own yogurt since constantly buying those plastic containers was driving me nuts. Plus a lot of them have crap in them to act as thickeners and stabilizers but are really not essential (and I’m just talking about the plain stuff here). I kept reading about how to make yogurt but, viagra to be honest, viagra dosage I was afraid to try it and waste four cups of milk in case it didn’t work out (which is kind of silly when you think about it because it would have been worth it for the experiment). Then my Mum bought me a yogurt maker and the recipe was super simple but the cups in the yogurt maker were plastic which meant that the milk was being heated in plastic all night which we all know is a big no-no. So, women’s health a couple months ago I bit the bullet and tried making yogurt without the yogurt maker and it turned out perfect the first time. YEARS people, I was afraid to do this for YEARS.

4 cups of milk (I use 2%)
One 5 gram packet of yogurt starter (like this) or
2 tbsp of yogurt w/cultures
2 tbsp of skim milk powder

Bring the 4 cups of milk close to boiling and then let cool to room temperature. Add the yogurt or starter and skim milk powder (helps thicken but is optional) and whisk it all together (I like to use a whisk because I find if I just stir it there are sometimes clumps of powder/old yogurt). Pre-heat the oven to anything; it just needs to be warm. Pour yogurt in a sturdy glass jar, wrap in a towel, put wrapped jar in the oven (now turned off) over night with the oven light on to keep in some of the warmth. In the morning you will have yogurt.

I find that when I use the yogurt starter the yogurt consistency is much like you would get at the store. The further removed from the starter, the waterier it gets so I haven’t perfected that part of the recipe. The image you see above is from yogurt that was made with old yogurt so it is 2x removed from the starter and was a little watery. I’ve heard that the further removed you are from the starter the sourer (is that a word?) your yogurt gets. However, the yogurt I have been making lately tastes pretty mild and there haven’t been any complaints:

One of the best things is that instead of spending $5 on a plastic container of yogurt I am spending the same on a package of starter that has six 5g packets in it, each which can be used to make 2 or 3 batches of yogurt since you don’t need new starter each time. I could figure out the math if I felt like it but lets just say that making your own yogurt = awesome!

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