Began at 5:30 when we heard Fionnuala talking exuberantly to herself in her crib. I tried to roll over and ignore it, adiposity snuggling into the Mister. Shortly after that Moira came into our room an announced ‘Fionnuala is wide awake’ – you know, medications in case we hadn’t figured it out ourselves.

After breakfast, the Mister played the piano while Fionnuala sat on his lap and tried to pick the music notes off the page.

I did many loads of laundry and hung them outside to dry. During the morning nap Moira & I weeded the garden. Well, I weeded the garden.

I dressed the girls in matching dresses because I can.

We had lunch plans that were cancelled so I made tofu scramble and roasted potatoes. Two breakfasts in one day.

After lunch we made the trek to the library where Moira talked the whole way and asked a million questions. I then yet again broke my rule of only taking out five books a week (otherwise I can’t keep track of them all). But there are so many good books to choose from – I’ve even started recommending some to other moms who are there.

We went to the mall next door with all the old and crazy people in it for some local colour. I blocked the bathroom with my double-wide stroller getting dirty looks from old ladies. More than one of the crazies tried to give my 3-year old advice, “Promise Emily you will listen to yah muther! You promise Emily now!” Emily, in case you were wondering, is an old Jamaican woman who had six children (two didn’t live) and has innumerable grandchildren and great grandchildren. (We just met yesterday but I know all about her now. I bet we see her again.)

Then the nannies and I hung out at the play area because I was too tired to push the 80 lbs of stroller back home in the heat just yet and it was cool in the mall. Moira ran around and Fionnuala made eyes at everyone.

I meant to look for shoes for Moira because she is growing out of all of hers – but it is summer, what does she need shoes for anyway?

Fionnuala took her afternoon nap in the stroller on the way home. Moira did not. It was hot. When we got home we were all red cheeked.

Moira wanted to know why I was so tired (80 lbs of stroller PLUS library books). Fionnuala was now making eyes at my chest and fiddling with the latch on my nursing tank-top. Afterwards I turned on the stereo and lay on the couch. Moira immediately ran to the striped chair, climbed up the arm and cranked up the music. Mumford and Sons. She has a lot of opinions about music volume these days.

My rest lasted 10 minutes and then I had to get up and make dinner.

We had a noodle salad and corn for dinner and then both girls were DONE and had to go to bed. Fionnuala wasn’t convinced it was bed time so she decided to practice her somersaults in her crib.

Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. (She says Hi and waves a lot these days.)

I watered the garden, had a shower and fell asleep listening to Harry Potter (book 4).

It was a good day.

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