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The Mister and I started watching the X-Files last summer shortly after I got pregnant. A word of advice – this might not be the best show to watch while you are pregnant. In my experience the baby didn’t like it when I would be super scared or jumping out of my skin. After we got home from our Ireland trip and had the ultrasound we decided that the Wrackspurt definitely looked alien-like. We called her our alien baby (which is also a term I have been using for years when referring to my distended belly after eating too much). We actually watched every episode until the end of season 7 – and then Mulder leaves and it’s kinda like, look what’s the point? We watched the Myth Arc episodes from Season 8 and then the Mister couldn’t take it anymore and I have been left to watch the Myth Arc episodes of Season 9 by myself until the last episode when Mulder returns and the Mister will probably watch it with me to get ready for the movie. But the last seasons just got too drama-y and now I get to write e-mails to the Mister titled: Today on the X-Files, advice everyone still wants to kidnap/kill Scully’s baby and the writers are still pretending Mulder is a character on the show. Snore.

The earlier episodes have fantastic dialogue between Mulder and Scully and funny Monster-of-the-Week episodes like Bad Blood with Luke Wilson. And of course there is the episode Home, order which seems to have embedded itself into the memory of people who didn’t even watch the show with any regularity and is insanely gross and creepy.

This show played a formative role in my teenage years. I can’t remember wanting to watch any other show with such regularity except Twin Peaks. I remember waiting and waiting for Mulder and Scully to finally kiss and how Charlotte and I would discuss it at length the next day.  (Eh, Charlotte? Gawd we were funny!) I guess that’s what you do when you are too shy to talk to the boy you actually like.  In University I even had an X-Files poster in my dorm room AND I used to tape an X up to my window on the odd occasion. (I’m just remembering all of this now and didn’t realize what a little freak I was but whatever). I think I stopped watch X-Files during that first year away though because there was only one T.V. in our dorm and, being an all-girl dorm, I couldn’t compete with the masses who wanted to watch Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place. I didn’t have a T.V. after that for years and only caught the occasional episode. Re-watching them has been a lot of fun (except for the last couple seasons) and I’m really looking forward to the movie so it better not suck.

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