Winter Sun

Winter Sun: January 1st

The weather was beautiful today so we went for a walk in the deep snow and enjoyed the winter sun. Most days it’s too cold for me to feel comfortable venturing out with three little ones but it’s a holiday and the Mister was home to help. I remembered that I have my Dad’s Arctic parka in the basement and it is (almost) the perfect size to wrap around Oonagh and I.

I think going for a walk is the perfect way to celebrate the first day of the year and something we often do – although I know we didn’t go last year since I was too sick and pregnant to do much of anything. It is has been a while since I have felt strong enough to be able to wear Oonagh around so I was feeling particularly grateful for that. I’m definitely not strong enough to push a stroller (either single or double) through the snow yet but I haven’t lost my voice in a couple of weeks and I’m pretty sure I’m over everything (although I have thought that before and I still have to be careful to not overdo things).

We met an older couple from the neighbourhood while we were on our walk. The man asked our girls, visit “Do you know whose birthday it is today?” To which they answered: “Mummy!” of course. However, it wasn’t me he was referring to but his own wife. It was nice to run into someone else who is also a first-of-the-yearer but I didn’t ask her if she feels as much pressure to make resolutions and changes on this day as I do. Maybe someday I will.

However, since today is my birthday I don’t have to start any resolutions until tomorrow. Which is why I had a lot of sourdough french toast for breakfast, six veggie tacos for lunch and two pieces of chocolate banana birthday pie. It’s been a good day for eating.

Oonagh and Mum: January 1st





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