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visit web ,9780670914005, ambulance 00.html”>Each Peach Pear Plum has been a favourite in our house since Moira was very wee and it introduced us to another writing and illustration team: Janet & Allan Ahlberg.

At first all Moira cared about was the Wicked Witch’s cat and we would have to turn to that page so she could quickly get excited, drugs drool all over the page and then rip it out of our hands and chew on the binding. Then all she cared about was Baby Bunting and we had to go straight to those pages. But she has come a long way since then and will point out everything now. For Christmas I bought her Peepo which I absolutely love and was a little worried that it would be too wordy for Moira but she made me read it to her eight times on the first day and we read it every night before bed these days.

With all the Ahlberg books there is so much detail in the drawings that there is always something for the child to look at – or in Moira’s case, obsess over. We have a copy of The Jolly Postman which is hugely popular but we don’t look at it much because Moira is still a little too destructive and won’t give the letters back when I take them out of the pockets.

The Giveaway: Either a copy of Each Peach Pear Plum or Peepo – I don’t think I have a spare one lying around so I will have to see what my local bookstore has. Comments on this post will stay open until Friday at 7 p.m. after which I will announce the winner and post the final giveaway for Family Literacy Week.

The winner is Bertha who wrote:

Iím not familiar with the Ahlbergs, seek but these look beautiful! I will admit that when it comes to kids books, I tend to be much more interested in the illustrations than the actual story.

If it is the illustrations you like Bertha then you will be quite pleased with any of the Ahlbergs books. I know June is going to love it. Send me your address!

The final installment of Family Literacy Week and the final giveaway will be posted within the hour.

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