Winner from Monday’s Giveaway

The Random Number Generator (the real one this time – not Moira pulling names out of a hat) chose: PHX who wrote:

One of my kids’ favourites is definitely The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. When we get to the part where the caterpillar has a stomachache, medical Lily always chimes in “oh poor caterpillar” and Lukasz has been known to give the caterpillar a kiss. :) Sheep in a Jeep sounds like an entertaining read! I also love trolling 2nd hand stores for my favourite kids books – I picked up 17 Berenstain Bear books (faves of mine as a kid) a few months ago for under $17! Score!

Moira loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar too. When we get to the stomachache part we read it really fast and she laughs and then we have to read it again. She doesn’t feel bad for the caterpillar at all – I guess it is his own fault for being such a glutton.

Send me your address PHX (I’m sorry – I’m totally drawing a blank on your real name even though I know it) and I will mail Sheep In A Jeep out this week.

Today’s post – and another chance to win – will be coming up shortly.

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