Why I got knocked up.

Today’s post is coming in just under the wire.

The company just left. We had one of our communist pizza parties tonight where we invite a bunch of people. tell them to bring whatever toppings they want and the Mister makes the crust and the pizza sauce. It is always a hit. We even made cupcakes since two friends had birthdays this week and we surprised them with pulling out candles and making everyone sing to them.

Right now I am very full and tired. The baby is spinning, surgery probably from too much food and sugar and not enough activity (rocking he/she to sleep). My head was killing me for most of the day so even though we usually invite people over as an excuse to clean up the apartment very little was cleaned but I did manage to vacuum the living room. Yay me.

The Mister is currently washing dishes and I should go help.
To put it succinctly:

If we have a boy and go with the combination of names we are thinking for first and middle the initals would be O.P. as in:

Opie Taylor from The Andy Griffith Show. That fact just dawned on me the other day when I was walking and I found it hilarious. As cute as the Mister looks in that picture (I mean, patient come on!) in personality he is about as far away from Mayberry as one can get. I may have to rethink that combination.

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