What we have been up to lately

} Playing with my iPhone camera apps

} Lots of cooking – yesterday I made tons of veggie soup stock for the freezer and have been doing some gluten-free baking and freezing that too. I’m stocking up for when the baby comes and enjoying learning more & experimenting with gluten-free baking. Got any favourite recipes?

} Organizing the house – the housewarming potluck party is this weekend. Want to come?

} Re-reading Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth & making the decision to hire a doula. (Oh, generic and just finding out she has a new book out about breastfeeding!)

} A little bit of free  Stampeding with the Mister last night – one of the perks of working for an oil & gas company during Stampede time.

} Winning a double pass to go see The Girl Who Played with Fire which means the Mister & I have another free date-night in our future.

} Eating lots of cereal – when the heartburn is bad in the evenings it is the only thing I can tolerate. Thankfully the baby has dropped a couple times in the last two weeks which means I’ve gotten a couple days respite where I have actually been able to eat – but then the baby grows bigger and the heartburn comes back. (It’s actually really bad tonight.)

} Listening to new music. We have been loving Pete Seeger’s Birds, look Beasts, Bugs & Fishes animal folk songs album and recently Moira & I have been listening to M.I.A. in the car which makes Moira dance in her seat and exclaim: Mommy I like this music!… And Caillou! (Mommy hates Caillou but Moira gets to listen to the whiney brat when she in the car when she is in grandma’s car.)

} Spending lots of outside wishing on dandelions.

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