What I have been doing this morning

Dealing with the world’s sleepiest baby. Seriously, view I had to drag her little bottom out of bed at 9:15 a.m. this morning to feed her and she went back to sleep at 10:30 for two hours. She fell asleep again while nursing and is now sleeping beside me on the couch. This sounds great and all but this sleep all day pattern = cranky baby the next day who is overtired and refuses to sleep. It probably isn’t helping that I am keeping the apartment as dark as possible today so the 30 degree heat doesn’t get in here.

Doing research for my latest writing project, herbal which will be revealed later. The author I am researching right now is turning out to be unexpectedly interesting and a little bit criminal. Exciting!

Thinking about some of my favourite Canadian novels to recommend since someone asked (actually, buy cialis she asked about authors but I’m thinking novels right now).

But mostly, tormenting myself by going from blog to blog to blog (many I had never heard of before) and reading about the love fest that was the BlogHer conference.  Wondering if I could ever a) get over my shyness in large gatherings  or b) have enough money to play with the popular girls next year. Even if I had known about it previously this year wouldn’t have been an option – not with my permanent, squirmy boob appendage. Of course, I would have to do something about my scraggly, witch-hair and wardrobe of $6 t-shirts with spit-up on them if I did.

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