Welcome Fall, one and all

This is an old photo titled: I married a very large 12-year old.

Oh Fall, online how I love thee.

I have mentioned it before but Fall comes early ’round here and has definitely been in the air for some time. This year one of my Fall resolutions is to put up my Halloween decorations (thanks Alison for the reminder). The last couple years I just hadn’t been feeling it so much. I think it was a combination of school and work and then last year we were away and when we got back I was already feeling too pregnant to trust myself to put them away in a timely fashion. Moira has a costume too – one that I bought for her cousin Thomas when he was a baby. (The Mister’s respons was, “so, we can take her out trick-or-treating and eat all the candy, right?” See above statement about very large 12-year old.) This year I’m not missing out. I have two boxes of decorations too – and only one of Christmas decorations. You can see where my priorities lie.

Who else decorates for Halloween?

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