Weekly update?

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I didn’t mean to disappear again but there you have it – I live with a very busy 1-year old now and, hemorrhoids while she is blessing me with an hour nap almost every morning, generic I don’t have much time to myself.

Chewing on her thumb

I’m still in the process of getting childcare settled. I think I have found a good dayhome that we can afford to send her to two days a week. I have some leads but I have to say things have been busy around here and we are all pretty tired.

She kind of looks like she belongs there

The other day Moira found a way to get to my computer. She pulled her Shape&Sort toy into her toybox and used it as a step. This child is a monkey and will try to climb anything (I suspect most children are like that though). Needless to say after I got her away from my computer and all those cables (of course I paused to take photos) I had some rearranging to do. My life is constantly being rearranged these days.

This weekend we are having a little birthday party/open house for Moira. I’m of two minds about having a birthday party for a 1-year old. On the one hand I think the Mister & I deserve a party for surviving the first year. I have been making jokes about getting a babysitter, store going bowling and photoshopping her face into the photos. On the other hand, I know people expect us to do something so we are having an Open House with no formal gift opening or cake event. People can come and go, Moira loves visitors and cares almost nothing for toys (except as things she can chew and now as things she can turn into stairs). I think it will be fun though and will try not to eat my weight in cupcakes.

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