Weather memory

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It is hot here. Really hot. This isn’t a complaint, just a fact: it is hot.

In fact, between our 3 hour adventures to the library, 2 hour walks to the grocery store (some little legged people insist on walking All The Way and Back to wherever we are going these days) and gardening I’m getting quite the tan.

Late afternoons I try to keep us inside – not only is it the hottest part of the day but it’s also ‘quiet time’ which I cherish and strictly enforced most days. (Even if I only get to lay down for 20 minutes of peace – children need to learn to play by themselves anyway.)

I mention all this in the hopes that the people of my city will remember that the beginning of July this year was very hot. I suppose weather memory is the same the world over? Where one cold or rainy day is able to erase all past nice days and have people insisting that the weather has been terrible forever?

July also means Stampede time in our city. Miss M has not one but two purple cowboy hats this year. Of course.

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