We all have our quirks – this is one of mine


There is a big part of me that wants to live in a sparse, visit this site simple house  – and a bigger part of me that defends my two biggest collections when the Mister asks if I am ever going to use/read either of them. Those collections would be my fabric stash and my New Canadian Library books. Specifically – the 1970s version of NCL. It’s not that I don’t want to read them; it’s just that for some reason I want to start at the beginning, more about with book #1. I’m weird that way, link another quirk I chalk up to being born on the 1st of the year.

Anyway, I realize that there is no logic to start at the beginning (since it isn’t a series) except that it seems like a very good place to start (*cue Sound of Music here*). The publisher, McClelland has started re-releasing parts of the collection in honour of the NCL’s 50th Anniversary. I don’t want to bother with the new versions – I’m quite happy with my 70s versions with the (often ugly) abstract art on the cover. Plus, I don’t think I have ever paid over $2.50 for one – which makes this a rather affordable obsession as far as obsessions go. All of this rambling is to say that I think it is time to start reading them. I’m finding time to read a little easier than time to sew these days (so the weird purple, velvety strech fabric that I bought at the Le Chateau outlet 10 years ago which is obviously perfect for an invisibility cloak is going to have to wait).

Reading them will also justify the shelf space how much time I spend looking for good copies when we go to the 2nd hand shops.  I’ve already put the first two on hold at the library to kick myself in the butt – and I will probably start blogging about them for the one or two readers who care about Canadian Lit. as much as I do. If nothing else it is a little project to keep my mind busy while feeding Little Miss.

For the record, there are hundreds of these books and I have under 30 – so I’m not as obsessed as some people might think I am.

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