Want Monster for shoes

There is a shoe store in our neighbourhood that had these as part of their window display for months:

Every time we would walk by (which is often) I would say “Hi shoes!” It got to the point where the Mister would just slow down so I could say hi to “my” shoes. I never tried them on, practitioner never went in to look at them – just stared at them longingly from the street. I call this kind of behaviour being a Want Monster and try to keep it to a minimum. I can’t wear most stylish shoes anyway since my feet are so narrow plus I’m not the kind of person who would buy shoes over paying rent (although some day I would like to be the kind of person who could afford shoes like this). These shoes are no longer in the window but I can still see them through the door so I can say hi to them.

But I think there might be a new pair in the window soon for me to covet:

How very pretty and spring-like. I never thought I would want a pair of mustard colour shoes before but Fluevog seems to know what they are doing. (Plus they are a conscientious shoe company and make their shoes to be resoled which is rather rare these days and which I have ranted about before.) Just the thing I need to be carrying a baby around the neighbourhood in eh?

And since all things should come in threes – I would take this pair too.

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