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I know we hear about people asking to help their kid win this or that all the time and I always keep it to myself. However, medical Alex has been an internet friend for years – first on Live Journal, oncologist then on Flickr and now with her two new awesome blogs: Strawberry Lemonade and ModernKiddo. She has a little boy named Wolfie (short for Wolfgang which, price if I recall correctly, is a family name on BOTH SIDES – how cool is that?) and let me tell you, the pictures she has posted of Wolfie over the years has been enough to create a baby boom of its own.

This is Wolfie:

Mostly I liked what Alex had to say about the contest:

Ever since he was a wee lad people have always told me that Wolfie was a very cute/unique looking kid and should model. That’s kind of not my bag, so I always laughed and said thanks, but left it at that. Then my friend sent me a link to this “Cutest Kid” contest being held by Next Direct (a Euro clothing company that is launching in the US). The winning child will win a $100,000 college scholarship—and suddenly this whole “cute kid” thing started to sound a little more interesting.

Who can blame her? To see the rest of her post go here. Wolfie is now in the Top 50 and I thought I would help try and keep him there. You have to vote through Facebook but you don’t have to belong to Facebook to do so. And you can vote once a day until the contest closes on the 18th. Who of us couldn’t use $100,000 for our kids education?

Click here to vote for Wolfie.

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