Updates, whines and rants

  • I’m eating chickpea curry with mash potatoes right now. It’s really good, more about you should try it some time. Mash potatoes can stand in for rice anytime as far as I am concerned. (How Canadian, treatment no?)
  • Monday night I watched the Sex and the City movie. Other than being exhausted I’m not sure why I did that – I never did like the T.V. show. Can someone please tell me why Carrie Bradshaw is supposed to be such a great fashion icon – I always thought her clothes were totally ridiculous. When the Mister got home we had this conversation:

Me: It always annoyed me that the main character was a writer who could afford $500 shoes.

Mister: She must do a different type of writing than you.

Me: Yes – she does writing that gets paid.

  • Moira’s whining has reached epic proportions. Yesterday I was checking out job boards thinking that anything had to be easier than this. Can someone please tell me WHAT to do with a nine-month old? Her interests involve shoving everything into her mouth, biting everything (including people), and constant whining while she wounded-solider drags crawls around the apartment. Things she is not interested in: toys (except for chewing), books (except for chewing), clapping games (except when she can pull your fingers into her mouth) and sitting still. I’m starting to think I’m not cut out to stay at home with a baby.
  • The Mister and I started watching season one of the new Doctor Who series. I think this is one of those things you either love or hate it – and we are both leaning heavily towards the latter. So many people have told us to watch it but we can’t seem to jump on the this-is-the-best-show-ever bandwagon. We just finished episode five so tell me – does it get better? How about season two when Barty Crouch Jr. David Tennant takes over?

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