Two Year Blogiversary

In all the work mayhem that is going on I promised myself I would write an entry for my two-year blogiversary – and here I am! Of course, unhealthy this feels like a 10-year blogiversary really – or maybe it is only seven or eight? I can’t even remember how long I have been blogging or even the addresses of some of my old blogs.

Having a blogiversary on the first of the month is much like having your birthday on the first of the year. You see how I did that? I let my little quirk for starting things on the first control me so that I started my latest blog incarnation exactly six months from my birthday. I’m sure if I had a therapist they would having something to say about this little control issue of mine but I don’t so we won’t worry about it. Let’s just say that this anniversary of sorts (and another, much more important one that is coming up) has me reflecting on where life is going these days and what I need to do to make it go in the direction I want. Hmmm… this all sounds rather vague which is not my intention. Let’s just say that this time last year I wasn’t in a position to really think about anything beyond the day-to-day constant nursing needs of our little miss and how I was going to combat my night anxiety (still not there yet). Let’s also just say that I really miss writing – on this blog and elsewhere – and I’m going to make changes in that direction. Because really, other than that life is 100% awesome.

Someone just woke up from her nap.

For fun I will enumerate why life is so awesome compared to this time last year:

  1. The Mister: Still my best friend, also an amazing daddy. Still wearing old man hats. (Old man hats = love.)
  2. We’ve been on dates lately too – a concert! A movie! The luxury!
  3. Moira: once she hit the 9-month mark started to become more fun every day – even though she insists on having more teeth than any baby anyone has ever met in the history of babies*.
  4. Working: I’m starting to figure out this work/life/mommy balance to a small degree. It helps that I am really enjoying my job (will also enjoy it slowing right down after the event) and that both grandmas have been looking after Moira giving me lots of “me time” I don’t have to pay for.
  6. My hair: in spite of the unfortunate “bangs incident” I am dealing with right now (headbands have become my friend) – my hair is no longer falling out.
  7. I’m finding that the small amount of rearranging we have done over the last year has made the apartment much more manageable for three people to live in.
  8. The car, she still works. I even took her for her yearly cleaning the other day. (Last year she missed it altogether.)
  9. New Harry Potter movie in 15 days. ‘Nuff said.

I don’t know if I can ask for more from life right now.

Thanks to everyone how has been reading over the last two years and to everyone who is still reading even though there has been little of interest to read.

p.s. Happy Canada Day – I only have time to write one celebratory post today.

*Not a scientific fact.

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