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When I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed I start reading Harry Potter again even though I tell myself “this year I will not re-read the Harry Potter series!” But really, more about who cares if I do or don’t? I know there are a million books out there to read but this one fills me with such joy and some people watch TV and some people drink booze and if my only vice is re-read Harry Potter once a year then I’m pretty freaking awesome.

Anyway, visit web I just started book three today but one of my all time favourite quotes (spoken by Albus Dumbledore) happens at the end of book two:

It is our choices, this web Harry, that show us what we really are, far more than our abilities.

That quote comes up in coversation around our house a lot. Make of it what you will.


Our little family went to brunch this morning (we were away this weekend for a Family Weekend with the Mister’s work) and after a long wait we sat down to a rather mediocre breakfast. Moira was hungry but really tired because a) she slept poorly the night before and b) having to wait for breakfast, so we were trying to find foods to entice her. There was a table that had trays of various (canned) fruits nearby and on the trays there were blueberries that were obviously there as a garnish. The Mister went and picked as many blueberries as he felt was polite and put them on a plate for Moira (along with some of the other fruit) and once she started eating them she kind of sighed, looked up at him and said oh-so-clearly, “Thank-you Daddy” and then resumed stuffing blueberries into her mouth.

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