Two days

Two days until vacation at our beautiful cottage (and by “our” I mean “my parents”) in Nova Scotia for 10 days! I’m excited to spend time with my parents and their dogs, information pills to have extra hands around to help look after Moira, to maybe start running again in the mornings to help lose these last few pounds that are preventing me from fitting into my clothes, to drink tea on the deck and look out over the garden and lake, to visit antique stores and eat blueberries and work on a quilt with my Mum and her friend Doreen (a quilt for Moira)… there is just so much to love about going to the cottage and Nova Scotia. Unfortunately I have to leave the Mister behind – that part I am really not looking forward too but am trying to convince myself that it will be a good chance for him to catch up on some of that sleep he has been missing since Moira arrived.

Recent awesomeness:

– Grey haired ladies riding bikes in my neighbourhood. I’m starting to see it all the time now. Does this have something to do with the price of gas? They almost always have baskets on their bikes too and often I see fresh cut flowers in thos baskets making their way home to grace a well-set table. It’s like a little piece of Europe on the prairies.

– My landlord cutting off branches from this awful white lilac tree. It lives in our neighbours yard but the branches creep over our property and onto our balcony. The Mister is allergic to this tree and can’t breathe when it blooms – which is 2x a year, once in the spring and once in the summer. Apologies to all you lilac lovers out there but they seriously stink and hopefully this means the Mister can breathe a little better.

– Moira’s face when she sees her Daddy. It melts me. One morning I was nursing her on the couch and the Mister got up to go to work. He said something but I shushed him because Moira was falling back asleep and I wanted to go back to bed But it was too late – she heard him, knew he was hiding in the kitchen and she just stared at the kitchen until he came back out.

Moira & Daddy

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