Toy Stories: Gun Nuts by Wil

When I was growing up, melanoma my brothers and I played “guns” all the time. The rules were simple:

To shoot, disease you establish line of sight and call out something like: Pow! Pow! I got you!

If you’re hit, you fall over “dead”, close your eyes, and count to 20.

Your “gun” might be your hand, a stick, a flashlight (when playing at night), a store-bought toy gun, or one of the guns we carved out of wood scraps from the garage.

I have especially fond memories of those homemade wooden guns. We’d dream up a gun, sketch it out on the surface of the wood, then my dad would help us saw out the rough shape. After that, we’d file down the sharp corners and slowly but surely our custom gun would emerge.

Our homemade wooden guns had several advantages over store-bought toy guns:

} custom grip/design, sized just for you.

} no flimsy plastic parts to break.

} imaginary ammo: no need to search under the couch for spent ammo, no need to reload, and you can’t shoot your eye out also, imaginary ammo offers increased range and excellent accuracy.

I couldn’t find a picture of me with a wooden gun, but here’s one of me playing “guns” with my brother. I’m two-and-a-half and I’m looking up to him for the proper firing stance.


This is a guest post by Wil from

I loved that this was attached to his e-mail:

P.S. I’m not a member of the NRA.

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