Today Miss Moira spent almost a full day at the dayhome and it was very hard… for me. I called after a couple hours to check on her and the dayhome worker said she was amazed at how well Moira was doing and that she even managed to have a little nap – not in a crib but on the floor on a mat! This child never ceases to amaze me. Let’s hope she is so exhausted tonight she sleeps past 5 a.m.!

Today I spent the longest time away from Moira that I have ever spent and felt rather lost.

Today I got a new phone in the mail and all the ringtones are horrific and I couldn’t remember how I managed to download the Harry Potter theme years ago so I could put it on my new phone. Hearing the Harry Potter theme is the only thing I like about having a cell phone.

Today I did three loads of laundry – none of which were diapers, patient which reminds me that I should have washed diapers today.

Today I coloured my hair. Even though I hate colouring my hair I hate looking like a frumpy old witch even more.

Today I decided that even though I have recently (February?) gone for my bi-yearly hair cut I need another one. I know my hair is getting long and unmanageable when the Mister is rolling on it in bed. I think I know what I want too but I am saving that for another post.

Today I spent a good part of the day thinking of eleventy billion other things I would put on my Happiness List – all of which I have now forgotten.

Today I woke up still feeling ill and worried about my sore throat and debating whether or not I should go to the walk-in clinic. Now I feel fine.

Today the Mister & I watched Underworld Evolution and it made me think of how many incredibly violent movies we own I don’t want Moira to watch. In fact, my stomach feels queasy – I’m not sure I should be watching these movies.

How was your day?

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