• We spent two hours on the bus today to participate in a 45 minute music class where Moira spent the majority of the time laying on the floor not participating. Such is life with a toddler.
  • I reduced the size of my behind just a little bit. You see, pilule Moira and I often shower together these days – indeed it is the only way I can shower if she is around. It works out for both of us because she plays in the bathtub with her toys and I get nice hair for the rest of the day. Today I was bending down and talking to her and when I stood up and, help well, diagnosis took out a big chunk of my posterior on the waterspout. Now, you might think: who doesn’t want to shave off a little bit of their hind quarters – but indeed it is making sitting rather uncomfortable right now.
  • I received invites for both the Mister’s company Christmas party (adults only, party dresses, taxi chits! That last one is only exciting to a non-drinker because it means I can wear party shoes and don’t have to take the train) and the company children’s Christmas party. If Moira thought dragging herself around the indoor jungle gym wounded-solider style was fun last year when she was 8-months old, she is going to lose her mind this year playing on it with the added ability of walking.
  • My good friend Chris is designing a logo for me and has sent me many exciting samples – I think a contest is in order, if only just for fun.
  • I ate a lot of pomegranate seeds and I’m wondering if you can get a stomach ache from eating too many – because I’m not feeling so great right now.

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