Thursday = Purgeday

Introducing my new (please don’t let this be another thing I slack off on) weekly feature… Purgeday. Do I have to put a caveat in her that this has nothing to do with eating and/or food? I didn’t think so.

We have too much stuff. I hear this from everyone I know – I don’t think anyone ever says “I need more stuff” do they? Sure we might want a new this and that but essentially we are all just sitting around collecting garage sale inventory as one of my parent’s friends so succinctly described his wife’s shopping habits. (You’ve all seen The Story of Stuff right?) These days the Mister & I feel like the apartment is getting a little too crowded – especially our bed/computer/storage room (yes, abortion that is one room). Since we have decided we need at least another year of saving before we can afford a house it is time to get rid of some of the things that are just taking up space. So I am declaring every Thursday Purgeday in which things will be gathered that will leave our apartment the next day and never return. Even if it is just the recycling it will be nice to have a little less stuff hanging around.

Going out the door tomorrow: a bag of clothes that have been collecting dust in the Mister’s closet for years – these are being donated to Goodwill.

Anyone out there actually think they need MORE stuff? (Because boy, gynecologist do I have stuff you can have.) It must be Spring because this seems to be a theme all over the blogosphere right now to some degree or another  (I’m looking at you Enviromama) so who wants to join me?

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