Three random thoughts

Yesterday we went out and bought Moira her new best friend (you know, information pills other than my boobs). We decided she needed a stuffed animal to bond with because falling asleep is such a trial for her. As my Mum’s friend said, recipe she needs something she can cry out her troubles to and so we got her Sooki. He is named after the Saggy Baggy Elephant that he looks like (and that we are reading these days – well, cialis 40mg I’m reading while Moira chews manically on her soother, or her hands, or starrs at my chest).


I’ve mentioned before our trials with job finding and money (which I’m not going to link to because really, who wants to re-read that stuff) – but recently the Mister was hired on as a full-time salary-with-benefits employee at the job he was contracting. A job, I’m happy to say, he quite enjoys. I don’t know if we could ask for more than that – especially right now when people we know are losing their jobs due to the economy. I’m pretty grateful these days and happy that we live in this cheap little apartment while we find out just how bad things in the U.S. are going to get and how much it is going to effect us on this side of the border.


While at the mall yesterday (yuck!) I was looking in store windows (read: wandering aimlessly because Moira was asleep in her carrier and I will do pretty much anything to keep her asleep) and thinking about how excited I am to get a new dress for a friend’s wedding in December. New dress, nice shoes and lots of dancing (the Mister and I dance up a storm when we go to weddings – it always seems to surprise people too, probably because we are totally sober when we do it). And then I thought how the Mister’s new company was sure to have a Christmas party that involved dressing up and dancing which gives me two occasions to wear this mythical new dress and twice the justification for buying it!


I’m going to be totally wild and post this without spell checking it (I’ll do that in the morning) ’cause I’m going to bed.

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