Three months later – or, the post where I jinx everything

I’m pretty much run ragged these days. That isn’t really a complaint either, cialis 40mg just a fact and it explains why I don’t have much time to blog or have a social life of any sort.

The view in my living room most days.

As I start writing this it is 7:30 p.m. and both girls are in bed – Moira is definitely down for the night as she gets up at 6 a.m. and no longer naps so we have to get her to bed by 6:30 p.m. or suffer the consequences.  She puts in a long day – which means I put in a long day. Fionnuala will probably take another hour or more to coax to sleep. I feel like that is all I do at night now: put kids to bed. It doesn’t seem to matter how tired Fionnuala is or how many times she passes out on my shoulder or in my lap – the minute I leave her room those little eyes snap open and the fussing begins. Plus I have a “no leaving the bedroom or turning on the lights” rule after I’ve put her to bed for the first time – no matter how much she tries to convince me that she isn’t tired. The bonus is that lately when she does fall asleep she is there for 12 hours with only one feeding around 4 a.m. Twelve hours! Who is this child? The downside is that it takes up most of my evening and I get little else done. Usually I lay in bed waiting for the squawking to start up again and read a book. At some point Fionnuala usually falls asleep and then a little later the Mister comes in the room, takes the book out of my hand and turns out the light – sometimes I wake up while he does this, sometimes I don’t. So, yeah, I’m beat and my evenings are shot.

But this is where the jinxing comes in: My Goodness this is one happy, lovely child. She sleeps, she smiles, she rarely cries. She is already sleeping in her crib because she quickly grew out of her bassinet and my back couldn’t handle having her in the bed with us. But she sleeps so I don’t mind having her in her crib –  I can hear almost every sound she makes anyway. In fact, I’m not even sure she needs that 4 a.m. feeding or if she is just in a noisy sleep cycle that half wakes me up and I’m midway through the zombie feed before I stop to wonder if she was awake or not.

Sweet cheeks.

She really is the sweetest little thing, so even though my evenings are spent trying to get her to go to sleep, that just means lots of cuddles and lullabys which isn’t a bad thing. Lets face it, she doesn’t get that much one-on-one time with Mummy during the day with Hurricane Moira running around.

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