Thoughts on: Mormon Housewives

There is an interesting article at right now about Mormon Housewife Bloggers.

At first glance, viagra 60mg Naomi and Stacie and Stephanie and Liz appear to be members of the species known as the “Hipster Mommy Blogger, for sale ” though perhaps a bit more cheerful and wholesome than most. They have bangs like Zooey Deschanel and closets full of cool vintage dresses. Their houses look like Anthropologie catalogs. Their kids look like Baby Gap models. Their husbands look like young graphic designers, cystitis all cute lumberjack shirts and square-framed glasses. They spend their days doing fun craft projects (vintage-y owl throw pillow! Recycled button earrings! Hand-stamped linen napkins!). They spend their weekends throwing big, whimsical dinner parties for their friends, all of whom have equally adorable kids and husbands.

So fess up – are you to guilty of following the Mormon housewife blogs too?

Their lives are nothing like mine — I’m your standard-issue late-20-something childless overeducated atheist feminist — yet I’m completely obsessed with their blogs. On an average day, I’ll skim through a half-dozen Mormon blogs, looking at Polaroids of dogs in raincoats or kids in bow ties, reading gratitude lists, admiring sewing projects.

I mean, is there any thing these women can’t do? They make it look so easy. As I struggle to look half-way decent while raising two kids they appear to not break a sweat carting around four or more kids in their vintage dresses and styled hair.

Maybe it is the closets full of vintage dresses that really get to me. Lately, as part of my ‘get orgainzed’ goal for 2011 I have resolved to make sure we all get dressed and ready for the day in the morning so I’m not fighting with Moira to get dressed when it comes time to actually leave the house. My personal wardrobe consists of a pile of hand-me-downs on the floor beside my dresser that I pick the same two or three outfits out of every week. I feel like I don’t even deserve vintage dresses – and I certainly couldn’t justify going out and buying any these days since I’m not bringing in any money.

I think that there is the difference between the agnostic, frazzled, career-on-hold 30-something mom (or at least this one) and the Mormon housewife/mom. They always knew that would be their job and they glorify in it. In the circles they run in they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing – and what their friends are doing. Apparently looking good and shopping at Anthropologie is a part of that – they have no guilt about not working because in their circles they are working. From my experience it still doesn’t seem like the rest of society sees raising children as work. I know after almost three years of this I still have a hard time telling people I’m staying home to look after our children – I guess that is because people are often asking me when I am going back to work with the tone that right now I’m just on a long vacation. Maybe the Mormon moms really are as happy as they seem to be on their blogs because they aren’t creeping through the minefield of the stay-at-home vs the working mom – both often looking down on the other while pretending they don’t truly believe their way is better.

Either way, I’m going to keep reading them. I find the women articulate and funny and as someone who feels herself a reluctant mommy-blogger at best it is nice to read about women who are embracing it in a positive way.

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