Thoughts on money and homeownership

I’m sitting on the bed listening to the Mister snore on the couch and it is suddenly silent in Moira’s room and I’m trying not to be worried about that because “nap time” these days is usually a series of loud bangs and the dragging around of furniture (or at least that is what it sounds like – so far the bed and dresser are always in the same place when I go and check on her). And yes, diabetes and pregnancy I know I should be napping myself right now but these 45 minutes during the day are all I usually have to get anything done and right now that involves trying to get the flooring guys to come back and fix a couple things.

Oh homeownership… it is both a blessing and a curse.

On one hand we have a lovely home and a wonderful yard that will – next year – be a huge garden. (Also our walls are a wonderful shade of yellow and I no longer have to save coins to use the washing machine.) Last weekend it was super hot outside and Moira spent as much time as she possibly could in the kiddie pool a friend had given us and despite the rain this week hasn’t shut up about it since.

On the other hand I don’t even want to talk about the bathroom reno which needs a number of repairs already or about how the black grout (which the contractor decided to do on a whim) won’t wash off the tile. For that I just have to take a deep breath and say first world problems (but not without also trying to get him to take some money off the final bill). And of course there is the inevitable poverty that follows buying a house – especially when one of you isn’t working and is too pregnant to go out and get a job. I was hoping to put Moira in preschool this summer but that just isn’t in the budget and won’t be for a while (ever?). Currently I am looking at ways we can cut down our spending since our expenses have tripled and the Mister thinks all I like to do is spend his money (okay, not really) but I can’t think of what I buy that isn’t food. We don’t go out to the movies or even rent them, going out for dinner is rare, I don’t buy many things new and I use the library for anything I can. Still, it doesn’t seem like we are living simply these days and we need to get back to that.

Getting rid of the storage locker at the end of the month will help plus I’m looking for someone to take over my iPhone because that would also save us about $70 a month and as much as I love it I’m not working and it isn’t a need. So my question to you dear readers who may-or-may-not stay at home with your kids: how do you/did you cut back on your family’s expenses?

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