This is where life is lately

There was the Saturday we were all hanging out on the front lawn and then Sunday we were hit with the inevitable cold snap. The temperature fell so low, this site so quickly that I think our backyard thermometer actually froze at -40.

We had a week of that and then… it was gone. That is the way things are where we live. Today we were on the front lawn again. It’s not that it isn’t cold, it’s just that when it is only -5 out my children think it is Spring and don’t understand why they still need to wear to warm clothing (or, as is the case with my eldest, why she has to wear ANY clothing.)

I was checking out blog posts from last January and it seems I spend most of January thinking about what I want life to be like for the next year and not writing about it. The first half of this January was also marked by the insanity of me deciding to go on the birth control pill and the resulting mood swings and awfulness that followed. After three weeks of crying while reading happy children’s books, napping on the couch for an hour every afternoon (admittedly, that was rather nice) and generally feeling pregnant I am now on my way back to normal. Or at least I hope I am. I’m on menstrual cycle #2 of the month so there’s that. Time to consider other options.

I have sat down to write a post so many times over the last couple weeks but something seems to be escaping me. Perhaps I feel I have nothing interesting to say anymore – I suppose that is the problem with reading so many blogs that are similar to ones own: we are all variations on a theme. But still, I want to write and so I keep reflecting on what I want to write about.

All that being said, life is really great right now. I finally feel, after 3.5+ years of motherhood that the cobwebs are starting to clear a bit. Slowly we are establishing a rhythm in our days that works. I’m pretty sure the introduction of preschool helped with this – plus my insistence on quiet time. I’ve been reading a lot lately about rhythm and solidifying my beliefs on how I want to raise my children. Sleep helps a lot too.

I know no one can ever do it all but I wonder how some people manage to raise children, cook, craft and blog every day. (Notice I didn’t mention anything about cleaning? Priorities, priorities.) I think my next step is to get on a writing schedule. So far this month I have managed to introduce a couple more things into our daily schedule and they are all working out well. But please don’t suggest getting up before the girls. That sounds great in theory but as it is I already have one babbling away in her crib and the other one lurking outside our door waiting for the 6:30 alarm to go off.

This new computer the Mister gave me is lovely but I haven’t figured out how to properly edit photos now that I am Photoshop-less. If this post took forever to load because of the size of these photos please let me know.

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