This is NOT a design blog

But there is a good chance I’m going to be talking about my house for a while so bear with me.

Since I plan on painting the main floor the same colour – most likely white (or a very light shade of something) – one thing I would like to do is wallpaper this wall:

Except, noun you know, pilule not with fake bricks – with something to give the entrance some pizzaz (and to hide grubby finger prints while people lean on the wall to take off their shoes – I’m nothing if not practical at times). There are some really fabulous wallpapers out there these days. I just found out about Studio Nommo on decor8 which makes some really quirky (and crazy expensive) wallpaper. Although maybe a wall decal like this:

Would be a cheerful way to welcome people into our home.

My sister has been sending me links to vintage wallpaper sites but they are also really expensive and probably don’t have the washability that I am looking for.

What are your thoughts on wallpaper? Do you have some in your home or are you in the No Wallpaper Ever camp! (I used to be but have since changed my mind – at least on a small scale.) What about wall decals?

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