Things I don’t understand – a triumvirate

  1. Why was the old man watering our street this morning? I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt as I walked by – instead of glaring at him with righteous indignation. Maybe there was a dead bird or squirrel he was washing away. But really, this the street can’t be any cleaner – it has been raining for at least 5 days now. (Also, viagra the street doesn’t need to be “clean”, it’s a street, nobody is eating off of it.)
  2. Why does Moira always seem so angry when she wakes up? Her little arms and legs flail about and her face turns red. My theory is because she is frustrated and thinks “If I could just get up and make myself a cup of tea” but is hampered by 7-week-old baby limbs that won’t respond the way she thinks they should. Soon enough my dear, soon enough.
  3. Why was getting a pap smear necessary when I went for my two-month post-cesarean check up with the Ob/Gyn today. The only time I have ever seen this doctor was during surgery and I will most likely never see him again and he really only needed to check my scar. But mostly, why didn’t I ask if it was necessary instead of just going through the motions and only questioning it on the walk home?

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