There are no shoes in heaven

I often forgot that shoe shopping is enjoyable for some women. What I learned from the little Sex and the City I could stomach watching (sorry, generic but it’s true) is that Candace Bushnell brought shoe obsession out of the closet and into the mainstream where everyone could believe a columnist in New York could afford a closet full of Manolo Blahniks and physically run around the city in them.

Personally I equate shoe shopping as the 6th circle of my own personal hell (heaven is filled with non-pooping puppies). To put it mildly I have hard-to-fit long and AAA skinny feet. I think I grew out of kids shoes in the 4th grade and anything that looks cute up until a size 7 or 8 looks like clown shoes when you get to size 9 1/2 – 10. Confession time: I’ve cried in shoe stores before (more than once) as the pile of boxes gets higher and higher and I’m apologizing to the store clerk for my ridiculous feet and the fact that nothing in the store is fitting me. Of course, therapist that was back when store clerks actually helped you try on your shoes and didn’t just shove the box at you and throw a, refractionist “let me know if you need anything else” over their shoulder as they walked away. Now I try to slink out of the store unnoticed leaving the debris of too short/too big and almost always too wide shoes behind me.

Also, I’m picky and insist that the shoes I buy actually fit me properly.

So yes, Friday I will be shopping for shoes. A new pair of dressy shoes that I am hoping will last a good five years before I have to buy another pair (and no, they aren’t any of these shoes which are nowhere in my budget and are probably too wide anyway). If I get really ambitious and/or don’t have to be escorted out of the store(s) sobbing I might also purchase a new pair of sneakers or winter boots – but I doubt it. I will save that trauma for another day.

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