The Youth in Asia

Problem with working from home #1: I didn’t leave the house again today. That is just all kinds of wrong. That means I didn’t go for a walk or do anything physical other than move around the mouse and walk from the office to the kitchen. Sad.

So I have been trying to have a craft night for quite some time now. I used to have a fairly frequent and well-attended one a couple years ago but then I got too busy with school and jobs. However, diabetes and pregnancy by popular demand, try I brought it back: I e-mailed around, picked a day most people agreed on and made an announcement. And now every Monday I sit by myself on the couch and try to do something crafty. Sometimes my friend Carolyn shows up but usually its just me. It’s a good thing I like my own company.

Tonight I cast on a toque for the Mister (I have decided that no baby things will be knit until the Mister gets a toque) and listened to This American Life. In particular, I listened to In Dog We Trust and if you haven’t listened to it yet you should do so right now. Coming from a crazy dog family, The Youth In Asia (David Sedaris talking about his family pets) really struck home and I laughed so much the baby is probably sea sick.

The crazy dalmation that lived for 14 years

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