The Wrackspurt cometh aka Baby Contest

Okay, this site so the baby is coming soon and it seems like (besides my Mum and my Sister) what our friends are even more interested in is the hair colour! It’s true – the Mister and I are pretty much on opposite ends of the hair-colour spectrum.

Example A:

The blonde genes are strong in his family – both his parents, his two brothers and his two nephews (whose Mum is not blond) are as blonde as he is. In my family – we all have the dark hair. While the hair on my side tends to get darker as we get older (actually it tends to go grey early – something the Mister never has to worry about… jerk!) he has actually gotten blonder.

Example B:

The mister was squarely in the strawberry-blond-bordering-on-orange hair colour for much of his childhood. (Clearly giving me false hope of having a red-headed baby.)

Example C:

My family – three brown heads that get a reddish glow in the sun.

There is no point guessing when the baby is going to come since, unless the little head-butter decides to flip over, we already know the birth date.


Guess the baby’s:

1) Gender
2) Hair Colour
3) Weight

The weight question seems rather silly but my friends told me to throw it in. I think I was 7lbs 1 ounce at birth (Mum?) and the Mister was 9 lbs 3 ounces. I’ve gained just over 30 lbs this pregnancy (if that helps).

You can your answer in the comments or e-mail me at meli.mello AT gmail DOT com.

The winner will get… something. Yarn? Fabric? Books? I’ve got it all. I can’t promise anything specific yet since the inevitable out come of this contest is that I have just given birth and can only promise sleep deprivation for a while. But something will come in the mail to you… eventually!

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