The Saga of The Soothie

Moira & her soothie over the last two years.

There was no two ways about it – Moira was a baby with a strong need for a soother. She was sucking her thumb in one of her ultrasounds and started teething at 3-months old. However, urologist as her dependency on it grew and the teeth stopped coming (because she has had all of them but the two-year molars since before she was a 1.5 years old!) the time had come to say goodbye.

Oh, sovaldi sale if only it were so easy.

I tried a couple times to just take it away from her but the whining and crying and begging just drove me nuts & I will admit it – I’m not that strong. If she hadn’t started chewing on it so vigorously and wrenching it between her teeth to hear it pop it might not have bothered me. If she didn’t have a melt down every time it strayed from her line of sight for five seconds she might still have it but her ability to cope without it was waning. “Nap! Bottle! Soody!” She would yell out when getting tired or stressed. We had gotten to the point where we told her soothie could no longer be taken in public but she still asked for it all the time.

Finally on Tuesday night – after a frantic pre-bed search for it (of course!) I found that she had managed to chew through another one: there was a big crack in the silicon. Not in the mood to deal with it I gave it to her and went to bed. Wednesday morning I cut the chewed bit off and told her “soothie is broken.” She could still hold it but I kept reminding her not to put it in her mouth (it wouldn’t stay put anyway). All day we talked about soothie being broken but she mostly left it alone. She wanted to hold it while she slept and attempted to suck on it but with no luck. Wednesday we told her she would have to say goodbye to soothie. Today I asked her if she was ready to throw it away and she did.

“Bye-bye soody, ascariasis ” she said rather tearfully.

Getting her to sleep for her nap today and at bedtime tonight was more of a trial than usual but so far so good. Of course, we now expect her to find all the ones that mysteriously just disappeared in the apartment over the past almost-two years. Hopefully if we can get her to go six-months soothie free it won’t be such a struggle preventing her from stealing her sibling’s soothie.

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