The problem with coveting celebrity hair

Is that no matter how accurate your haircut is to the one you want you are never going to look like a celebrity – well, youth health not unless you are a) that celebrity or b) in posession of a team of stylists who make sure you don’t leave the house looking like, well, yourself.

That being said have you seen the new Chanel No5 ad?

I think that is the hair cut I am going to get. As I mentioned before, my hair is getting a little ridiculous these days – not to mention shapeless and boring. I have been thinking about Audrey Tautou’s hair since Priceless*:

Terrible movie, by the way, but I watched it soley to check out her hair and this photo doesn’t do her hair justice. It is a little too layered for me in this movie but in the new Chanel No5 mini movie…

Well, it is pretty much perfect isn’t it.

As long as I don’t expect to be coming out of the salon with her cheekbones and wardrobe and know that someone is still going to use my hair as a tissue whenever she feels like it.

*To be honest I have been thinking about her hair since Amelie but that is just too much work for a curlyhaired lazy person to pull off – plus I like to wear my hair up even if the Mister says I look like a school marm. This style I think I can handle even if it means running a brush through my hair once in a while.

Does anyone else take photos of celebrities to the hair salon when they are looking for a change?

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