The post I wanted to write…

Is not this one.

I wanted to write a post about how ecstatic I am to have finally gotten a plot in the community garden. I wanted to write a post about how I have been working out and feeling better lately or how we are going to see some geek pre-screening of the new Star Trek movie tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. I had the best of intentions today while my Mum babysat Moira to get all kinds of writing done.

Instead I sat like a zombie at the tea house and did nothing because that little so-and-so got me up every 45 frickin minutes last night – pulling me each time from a deep sleep with her Come quick! I am being tortured & in pain! scream. I don’t know what it was but there was just no settling her last night – it even got to the point where I crawled into the crib wishing for sleep and/or death (for me). My attempting to leave the apartment this afternoon was preceded by hysterical crying which stopped the minute I left and I’m sure Moira turned to her Mama & said “That should make her feel sufficiently horrible for abandoning me. Now, impotent what are we going to play with?” To top it off I developed a cold sore during the night leaving my lip sore and itchy and me feeling sorry for myself. The last time I had a cold sore was when I was newly pregnant with Moira and my luck is such right now that I’m probably pregnant with frickin triplets.*

I suspect part of her inability to sleep last night had something to do her newly developed skill:


So yeah, this isn’t the post I wanted to write but it’s all I’ve got today. Those other posts will come another day because, while it isn’t even 8 p.m. yet, I’m totally going to bed.

*Would totally not joke about this if I thought there was any way in hell I was pregnant & there is very little chance of my ever being pregnant with more than one baby so don’t get excited those of you who get excited by such things.

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