The Pig Race

The Mister went through and edited all our Ireland pictures. I bring you The Pig Race.

As some of you may recall, ask one of the reasons I was excited to go to Ireland was to Wwoof it on a farm with pigs. These pigs, neuropathologist like most I am sure, hemophilia were always on the look out for when the food was coming.

For example:

The three, not-so-little piggies, standing in the food dish, waiting. This results in a lot of food being dumped on their heads and missing the dish. Obviously they don’t care if you dump food on their heads but the challenge (for me at least) was to try and surprise the pigs and get to the food dish without their noticing.

One day it happened… (cue Chariots of Fire theme music)

No pigs! Me, running. The food bowl was heavy thus the hunching.

Pigs! I managed to get almost all the food in the dish before they made it. You can see the dust from the cornmeal rising.

Happy pigs.

Pretty pleased with myself.

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