The naming game

When the Mister and I came to an agreement on Moira’s name it was just so simple. We both loved the name and even though we both had other names we loved the name Moira was everything we wanted. And it has turned out that way. If it was solely up to me Moira would have been called Maude – a name I still love but Mister has vetoed any more M names in the family (the last name starts with an M too). The reaction to Moira’s name has been rather surprising. People have actually gushed when I have told them her name. More than one woman has looked at her baby and said “I wish I had thought of that” – MORE THAN ONE! And so I think this is why I am having such a hard time settling on a name for Sprig. What if you go through life being introduced as Moira & So-And-So and people start gushing over your big sister’s name? Or worse – cringe at your name?

A while ago I had a dream about what we were supposed to name the baby. I know pregnant women talk about all the crazy dreams they have while pregnant but until now I can’t recall a single interesting dream (of course lack of sleep may be a contributing factor). This one was powerful and I kept waking up all night thinking about how I had to a) check the Alberta Baby Name Registry to see how popular this name is, recuperation b) find out what the meaning behind it is and c) convince the Mister that this is the name we should give our little girl. It’s weird because this name was never on my radar for a minute until I had this dream. It is an increasingly popular name, especially compared to the names I normally like which don’t even register in North America – this one is in the top 50.

Of course then I started wondering if I was just crazy because I keep going through names hoping the Mister and I can find something we can agree on (and yes I know what many of you will say: my body, my decision, let him try pushing a watermelon out of a grapefruit blah blah blah – but it’s his child too and I really do what him to have a say in this). The Mister was definitely thinking I was crazy and I was feeling guilty about the fact that I didn’t love the name he loved and we had really stopped talking about names. I would send him e-mails with a list of five and he would roll his eyes at me. I think maybe constantly looking through names has ruined most of them for me – while the Mister has stuck by the name he loves. Also, I have made the mistake of asking people what they think of a name when we all know you should just keep it to yourself.

And I have all these naming rules: I don’t want it to sound anything like Moira (so ending in “a” is complicated – although I do like some names that end in “a”) and since our last name is three syllables I want something that is two syllables – although I do like a couple names that are three syllables. I also prefer some meaning behind it and if it is an old-lady name all the better!

Either way, we have a short list and I have finally become comfortable with the fact that I just need to wait and see what this baby looks like before I can decide on a name. I always thought that was weird – needing to see what the baby looked like considering they mostly just look wrinkled, red and screaming – but that is how I feel.

We are going to meet her soon enough anyway and no matter what I’m sure she is going to be awesome and people will come to love her name.


Got any naming stories to share with me? If you have kids how did you decide on their names? Or how do you feel about your name? Do you have naming rules too?

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