The long overdue six month update

Moira turned six-months old on October 8th and I took these lovely photos but am finding it increasingly difficult to sit down and write a real post. Fridays I’m supposed to take Moira to my parents place for a couple hours of free time for me but instead it is day three of I’m going to freak out if you don’t nap with me and leave your boob in my mouth for me to comfort myself and so we will be staying home today. Although for the recent nap I did managed to substitute the soother for my boob at the end so even though she was sleeping with one-eye open she settled herself again after I slipped out of bed, human enhancement hid from sight while she fell back asleep and then crawled backwards through the bedroom door to make my escape (I really had to pee). And she is napping. Small victories.

Freaking adorable, public health no? I’m not really complaining here – the side effect of me having to lay down with her is that I (get to lay down with her) actually get to rest and my sleep has been crap the last couple of nights, price which isn’t her fault at all.

I think part of her fussiness these last couple days is due to more teeth coming in and constipation. Every morning I’m sure that I am going to see those two top teeth but they haven’t arrived yet – just copious amounts of slobber. We have also been dealing with really awful constipation that has brought about the “poo scream” as I call it. I know when she is pooping and it is truly a heart-wrenching sound. Today is Day 5 without a poop and that is another reason for her fussiness. When the last no-poop stint ended she woke up the next morning and the elusive fourth tooth finally arrived (four weeks after the third tooth) and the ability to roll from one end of the room to the other. I suspect when this one ends we will see two more teeth and she will either be able to sit up on her own or help her father finish his thesis. Life is a big adventure these days.

Other than the last couple days – and the start of this constipation cycle that resulted in horrible diaper rash – Miss Moira has been doing really well lately. She is sleeping better at night, some nights not waking up at all, and some nights only needing to be fed once, maybe twice. I chalk this up to nothing that I am doing but to the fact that she is now rolling from one end of the floor to the other and is tiring herself out. She really, really wants to crawl but only manages to stick her bubble-butt (due to the cloth diapers) up in the air and push until her feet fly out from underneath her. She still isn’t great at napping but her ability to sleep most of the night means she isn’t as tired during the day and is increasingly smiley and happy.

This past Tuesday I managed to get us out of the house before 10 a.m. for storytime at the local library. Moira loved it! I knew she would. She’s at that stage where spending the entire day with Mummy – even though I am still the centre of the universe – just isn’t cutting it anymore. Unfortunately for Moira, Mummy doesn’t do her research and so we were baby-activity-crashers because we weren’t registered. The kindly, but stern, steel-haired British librarian told us we weren’t allowed to come back (there is a waiting list) as the Filipino nanny contingent across from us smirked. However, this motivated me to find one we ARE allowed to attend even though it is late in the season and so we will try out a new one next Tuesday afternoon (which means I can go back to not getting dressed before noon – not necessarily a good thing).

********** Four Hours Later**********

So, Missy’s nap lasted about 20 minutes after I started writing. We headed out to the local organic food store to be shocked at the prices and to the homeopathic apothecary to pick up something to relieve Little-Miss-Poop-Scream. Now we are stewing prunes and peeling apples (me) and rolling around on the floor (her). So, back to normal.

********** Four More Hours Later **********

See what I mean about not having time to write a real post? The evening deteriorated rapidly. Missy didn’t even want dinner tonight and we had to put up with much hysterical crying – this included bath time, which is usually my ace-in-the-hole for restarting the happy button. Poor thing. Luckily a good dose of rocking chair-time and Mummy singing seem to do the trick because she has been asleep for the last hour and even slept through me blending up the apples and prunes in our ridiculously loud blender.

Oh nevermind – she’s awake again.

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