The Halloween that wasn’t

I was going to dig up some fun pictures of Halloween past and talk about how I didn’t really dress up yesterday but decided against it – besides, sales I had too much work to do so lets pretend I still looked like this instead of a bloated witch:

Last year for my birthday my Mum surprised me with a SERGER (all caps = excitement). Sadly, life and work got busy (two full-time jobs) and the serging of my dreams never happened. But this morning I went back to the store and had a serger lesson! The Mister and I were thinking of going out tonight but instead I feel like sitting around and playing with my serger – now that I know how to use it and before I forget.

Maybe I will even have something all sergy to post later.

(That picture is many years old btw – even if I wasn’t pregnant I’m not sure I could fit into that costume. And I am never sewing with vinyl again – ever!)

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