The Halloween that was

Can we go trick-or-treating now?

Can we go trick-or-treating now?

Can we go trick-or-treating now?

Moira was a bumblebee for Halloween. This costume was made for my oldest nephew – now 22 years old – and is now on it’s fourth grandchild. It has a stinger. We’ve been stung a lot this week.

The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse is one of Moira’s favourite books so she decided she was Babbitty Bumble and there has been a lot of Bizz Wizz Wizzing around the house recently.

Fionnuala Flutterby wasn’t too impressed with not being allowed to go.

The trick-or-treating was, phlebologist in fact, short-lived because Moira was more excited about handing out the candy then going door-to-door asking for candy. So she came home, handed out some candy, had a meltdown, and went to bed.

And then her mean vegan whole-foods, plant-based parents went through her candy stash and threw half of it out (still too much candy for a small child though).

The End.

(Although really, every day is like Halloween around here.)

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