The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – my life right now in point form

But not in that order.

The Bad: (better to get it out of the way first)

  • Moira: still with the digestive problems, page sometimes it seems better – but mostly it is still shitty (badumpcha!). I think the no-dairy is helping but I suspect we are heading for a full elimination diet for a while to pinpoint the problem. We’ve been to the doctor and are waiting to hear if it is a parasite of some sort or if we need blood tests.
  • I woke at 3 a.m. with a red, doctor throbbing, streaming eye. Turned to the Mister and said something like “My eye is killing me! It’s burning and throbbing and won’t stop running.” and then went back to sleep. He spent the next 2 1/2 hours wondering if he was going to have to take me to the hospital. Poor guy. He did have to take the morning off so I could go to the walk-in clinic. This is the second eye infection I have had in a month. I think it is stress-related.
  • Stress: Handed in a 16-page rough-draft report yesterday about all our Social Media work during the 10-day event. I’ve never had to write a report like this before and it was making me a little crazy – not to mention that finding time to write it wasn’t easy. I know the report is incomplete too and I am more than a little afraid that the people I work with are going to regret hiring me.
  • My eye sight is deteriorating.
  • I’m gaining weight like mad around the middle. Seriously. It’s kind of freaking me out. If I didn’t know any better (and I do) I would think I was pregnant (and I am not). Pretty much nothing is fitting these days. I stopped running since Moira needs more exercise in the morning (read: not very happy to sit in the stroller for an hour so we go to the park instead) but I don’t think that is the only issue because I am still walking a lot. I think Moira isn’t the only one around here who needs an elimination diet.
  • A good friend of mine had decided she isn’t talking to us right now (or at least appears to be actively ignoring/avoiding us). On one hand I’m trying not to think about it too much because I don’t think we have really done anything wrong (I say we since it is probably the Mister she is mad at but still…) and I already have a child to deal with – but on the other hand it makes me really sad.

The Good:

  • We really need a vacation & luckily one is coming up: Sunday we leave for Vancouver. I don’t know how relaxing travel with a 17-month old can be but I’m sure we will figure it out and have a good time. Also – the flight is short!
  • Talked to a friend today about exchanging babysitting so we can get a break and so our little ones can play together.
  • Even though it is probably going to be a pain, I’m actually looking forward to putting Moira (and as a result) myself on an elimination diet (no diary, no gluten to start with). I feel like my cooking is in a rut these days and this might just be the spark I need.
  • I’m really happy that NieNie is updating regularly. My heathen nature makes me think I should hate reading her blog but I don’t – in fact, I love it. Her recent post where she showed her new face (if you don’t read NieNie she was badly burned in a plane crash and spent four months in a coma) was pretty much the bravest thing I have seen in a long time. Every time I feel sorry for myself I try to think of her.
  • I’m already working on my Christmas presents. This year I hope to use up some of my yarn stash to get it done. This year I hope to not leave it all to the last minute.
  • When we get back from Vancouver Moira & I start Kindermusik and swimming lessons. I’m trying to find a balance between stimulating activities (read: wearing-her-out) and having unstructured play time.

The Ugly Awesome:


I include that because I think it is brilliant and because there is really nothing ugly about my life.

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