The future of my writing

This week I’ve been spending my days researching potential paid subscription accounts (and going to multiple body scans like bone and CT because: cancer). I think this is the direction I need to go. I want to treat my writing more like a job and less like something I do when I find the time for it. If nothing else I can change my answer to “yes” when my therapist and/or my mum ask: “did you do any writing lately?” I’ve also been trying to reclaim my space. When the pandemic hit my computer moved downstairs and my time was spent teaching the girls instead of doing any writing for myself. It’s always easy to find reasons not to be doing the exact thing your soul feels you should be doing.

When I’m not using my desk for writing it gets quickly filled up and the cork board gets filled with love notes from my sweet girls. I consider this basically the “clean” version of my desk.

Over the past couple years I have written a short story in nine chapters and a novella in 32 chapters. I don’t think a publisher would want either of them. In fact I’m not sure the novella could be published since there are A LOT of musical references in it but that’s a big part of the fun of it. Both are fun stories that have been well received by the people I have allowed to read them and I would like to get them out there in the world.

Years ago I got pretty heavily addicted to fan fiction. Not because I particularly cared about carrying on the story of that particular fiction (in fact most of the stories I read had nothing to do with the original except borrowed the character names) but because I really loved – and I mean LOVED – having a story I was following that was serialized. (Also because I could read it on my phone while I nursed a baby all night long.) I imagine that is how people felt waiting for a new chapter from Charles Dickens to come out in the latest edition of whatever magazine they were published in. People would sit around and read them and re-read them and speculate what is going to happen next. I am in no way comparing myself to Dickens but I do love the idea of slow reading.

So I have a whole list of things I would like to do as I move forward into a more creative and monetarily funded role. I am trying to decide how many tiers I should have (two sounds the easiest but I may go with three) and I will always have a free tier for blogging and keeping in touch with people – I understand that times are tough and not everyone wants to read my stories. And, of course, there is always the caveat that I may get too sick to do much but for now, while I am feeling really good, I’m not going to focus on that. I’m going to focus on what I CAN do. I hope people will have enough faith in me to support me.

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