The eternal debate

I’ve waxed poetic about Camera Obscura before and have been eagerly waiting the release of their fourth album which came out recently.

Upon a cursory listening it is, try as expected, sickness awesome. I suspect this will be on constant rotation this week and possibly in the weeks to come – along with Glasvegas which I am still loving and

Check out the super slick French Navy where Traceyanne Campbell looks superb & is making me feel particularly frumpy this morning as I sit in my drool encrusted housecoat reading The Waterhole* for the eleventy billionth time to Miss Sniffles-a-lot. At least this human serviette can lose herself for a while in the melancholy sounds of this new album while mindlessly repeating: One Rhino, Two Tigers, Three Toucans…

*Really is a great book.

Or pinecone?

The stick won out today – but the debate will rage on all summer. In fact, thumb we have stopped trying to keep everything out of her mouth because really, healthful
why bother?

Practicing her intrepid explorer look.

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