The Day Off

This morning

I was tired (surprise, visit web surprise) and a little cranky and couldn’t wait for Moira to be picked up by her grandmother for a day away from Mummy. Apparently the feeling was mutual because when I told her she was going to grandma’s place today she a) wanted to get dressed and didn’t even fight it and b) started to pack up her diaper bag for her day out. And then she drove me nuts wanting to know where grandma was and trying to get me to open the gate at the top of the stairs for the next hour. It’s my own fault for not keeping my mouth shut.

After she left

I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I’m sure other moms know that feeling. I haven’t had a day to myself since mid-December and there is so much to do. If I were to sit down and write a to-do list it would be longer than my arm and so I have been avoiding it. I took down the Christmas lights, started some laundry and just kind of sat there wondering where to start with this impending move. So I did what I normally do when I don’t know what else to do: I called my sister. My sister loves to talk so I don’t even have to and she doesn’t mind that I just call at random times and do things like eat salad while on the phone. That is probably horrifically rude to you all but it is normal for us and besides, I always point the phone away from my mouth if I get to a particularly crunchy bit.

By the end of the day

I had posted & given away a number of things on Freecycle, gone through my maternity clothes to see what will actually be useful this round, gone through my closet and started sorting things into: for sale, for donation and for future rag rugs, walked the majority of the recycling down the street and gone back and forth via e-mail with a friend who believes he can fix my broken kitchen chair. Not much but it felt like something. At 3:40 I finally let myself lay down for a quick nap. By 4:30 I was back to wandering around the apartment wondering when my daughter was coming home.

Shortly there after

I heard her and Grandma come through the door. Moira was particularly clingy with me while Grandma said her goodbyes – after all, she hasn’t had a day off from Mummy since mid-December. I guess we both need to get used to being apart again.


Thanks for all the kind comments on the pregnancy & the new website. I mean, what are you really going to say about the pregnancy but I’m especially pleased at the positive feedback on the website – and so is my designer Stuart. I wish I had exciting things to announce everyday.

For those of you with kids – what do you do on your ‘day off’ if you get one?

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