The Daily Moira

As I mentioned in Digital Detox week post before I disappeared (again) for a week I have started a little project called The Daily Moira over on Flickr. There is a link to it in the sidebar as well. —————————>

The plan, for sale such as it is, online is to take a photo of Moira’s daily life every day for a year. Each photo is accompanied by a short blurb about our day. However, I know myself all too well and the chances of me taking a photo EVERY SINGLE DAY are slim so I’m not putting any real pressure on myself. Right now it is fun and while it remains fun I’m going to keep doing it. Life is going by quickly these days, this is a chance for me to slow them down a bit and enjoy.

I’ve always wanted to participate in the 365 Project but I’m rather shy about taking photos in public – especially of myself. I think The Daily Moira will be a happy medium.

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