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I first heard about Kathy on Bliss Beyond Naptime from a high school friend, patient who heard about her from one of her friends from high school because Calgary is a very small city of a million people. Why I heard about Kathy from this friend I don’t remember – maybe it was because I was reading Simplicity Parenting or maybe I heard about Simplicity Parenting from Kathy’s blog (she is a Simplicity Parenting coach now) and this is all proof that I don’t have my brain back yet from having children and that sometimes I write run-on sentences on purpose.


I am so very happy that I did hear about Kathy and her blog Bliss Beyond Naptime because it quickly became one of my favourite blogs. You know, men’s health the kind of blog you will scroll through your blog reader for when you only have 5 minutes and you want to see if she has updated and then your heart drops a little when she hasn’t. One of those blogs.

Kathy is funny and quirky and not afraid to post silly photos of herself on her blog. She is also wise and caring and creative. Her vlogs are often hilarious (this one is a particular favourite) and always helpful when she is talking about her take on motherhood. And she has just released a really great e-book:

The Bliss Filled Mama: Self Care for Soulful Mothering

Kathy seems to be able to do what some of us mothers (I’m talking about myself here) think about all the time but don’t actually do: carve out some time for ourselves. I am, bronchi in fact, really terrible at this but I’m slowly getting better. Kathy’s e-book was the kick in the pants I needed too.

One of her recommendations was to create a Happy List. The Happy List is a list you have on hand to remind yourself of all the things you love to do that make you feel recharged and more yourself.

So, embarrassing or not (Kathy’s words) & in no particular order here is my quick Happy List:

  • Writing on my blog.
  • Receiving comments on my blog.
  • Updating my agenda.
  • My cup of tea and square of chocolate during quiet time.
  • (Unless I’m) sleeping during quiet time.
  • Calling my sister during the girls’ bath time.
  • Going for a walk.
  • Taking a class (right now I’m learning to knit socks).
  • Scalding hot baths, with or without bubbles.
  • Going to fabric stores (by myself).
  • Sorting through my fabric stash and dreaming of one day using some of them.
  • Flipping through my craft books.
  • Getting rid of things we don’t need.
  • Discovering new favourite recipes.

Would you like to win a copy of the Bliss Filled Mama e-book? Just leave a comment telling me what is on your Happy List and on Sunday night (8 p.m. Mountain Time) I will draw a winner and Kathy will send you a copy. It’s like magic! The book also comes with an audio version so you can sit back and relax and desperately try to knit 7 inches of sock before Saturday (oh wait, that’s just me) while Kathy reads to you. (And no, you don’t have to be a mama either. As this blogger pointed out – everyone can benefit for Kathy’s wry and goofy wisdom.)

Good luck!

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