The Big Sister – part 2

I honestly didn’t mean to leave such a gap between entries – it must all seem a little anticlimactic now. But all plans to do something cute with the announcement and the Big Sister/Little Sister idea have fallen through. So, epidemic yes Moira is getting a little sister and we are very excited but what with Moira being sick all weekend (we even cancelled her birthday celebration) and so much house stuff to think about I still barely have time to think about poor little Miss Sprig. My idea (for what it was worth) was to have a photo taken of Moira talking to my belly because she likes to do that a lot these days and it is very cute but most days getting a photo taken at all is impossible.

This is the first photo taken of my pregnant belly – I’m 20 weeks along right now. I feel huge these days but probably look bigger in that photo than I am because of the way I am holding Moira. Since Moira got sick (and cut two molars this weekend!) she has been sooooo clingy that I don’t think I’ve even been able to use the bathroom by myself since Friday. However, diet the last two nights after her nap have been really good and I’ve made a couple changes in her schedule that seem to be helping.

When people asked me what I wanted (boy or girl) for this baby I always kind of laughed. I wanted another child and if I had any thoughts about it I wanted a sister for Moira and a son for the Mister – so either way I win. When I found out it was a girl, medic which I had thought it would be all along, I admit I got a little teary for the boy I will quite possibly never have. Any one else feel that way when they find out the sex of their child? I suspect this is a perfectly normal feeling: as one tends to spend their pregnancy imagining what either future child is going to be like and building that child up in their mind so much that their is a mourning period – however brief – when one child doesn’t show up. We didn’t find out who we having before Moira was born and I thought I would have that fleetingly brief mourning period for the boy or girl I wasn’t having after the delivery but my thoughts tended more towards: Holy crap I just had a baby and now I’m supposed to do what with these boobs? And: I can’t believe they are letting me take this child home – don’t they know I have NO IDEA what I am doing?

To be honest – I can’t imagine what this next little girl is going to be like. Moira isn’t anything like the girl I imagined I might have and now that I have her I can’t imagine what another little girl is going to be like. I know she will be completely different, equally awesome and probably just as defiant. So instead I keep saying things like “my girls” to myself and thinking about dresses and sweaters that almost – but not quite – match.

And I’m pretty sure Moira is going to be a great big sister – once the baby gets interesting of course.

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