The big sister – part 1

Moira would thank you for the birthday wishes if she knew about them – as it is she still doesn’t know that yesterday was her birthday. Today all she knows is that she is sick and there are a lot of nasty substances pushing themselves out of her body.

This morning my Mum & I went to my second ultrasound – you know, patient THE ultrasound, prescription the one where you get to find out if “the new person” (that is what Moira calls the baby) is going to be a boy or girl. And we DID find out – but I’m not telling you yet. The reason I’m not telling is because I had a cute idea of how to announce it that involved photos but instead spent the day following Pukey McPukerton around with a bucket. Oddly enough, it has been one of the most relaxing days I’ve had for a while. A sick kid I can deal with, ecpecially one who just wants me to lay on the couch with her and sing her songs. I haven’t been screamed at once today. Puked on? Yes. But that just makes me feel like I’m doing my job.

So hopefully tomorrow Moira will feel better and with the help of the Mister we can break out the camera and announce the new person properly.

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